• Agricultural Operation
  • Flooding on Oxnard Plain
  • Lake Bard
  • Lake Bard
  • Las Posas Rd. Bridge Washout
  • Orchards
  • Pover
  • Row Crops on the Oxnard Plain
  • Water Quality Sampling
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Calleguas Creek

The Calleguas Creek Watershed covers approximately 343 square miles, in southeastern Ventura County. The Watershed includes Conejo Creek, Arroyo Santa Rosa, Arroyo Simi, Arroyo Las Posas, and Calleguas Creek, as well as Revolon Slough and Mugu Lagoon.

The northern boundary is formed by the Santa Susana Mountains, South Mountain, and Oak Ridge Mountains. The southern boundary is distinguished by the Simi Hills and Santa Monica Mountains. Presently 50 percent of the Watershed is undeveloped open space, 25 percent is agricultural, and the remaining 25 percent is in urban land use. The Watershed ultimately drains to the Pacific Ocean through Mugu Lagoon.

Watershed Related Documents and Reports


Calleguas Municipal Water District Presentation to Association of Water Agencies in November 2015