The Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County (WCVC) is a consortium of local agencies and organizations, public and private interest groups and others working together on the integrated regional water management program (IRWMP). Funding for the program is provided by local agencies and state grant funds. The County of Ventura is a participating sponsor, and hosts the program by providing staff resources. For more information please contact:

Sue Hughes
Deputy Executive Officer
County Executive Office
(805) 654-3836
E-mail: Susan.Hughes@ventura.org

Mailing Address:
County of Ventura
800 Victoria Ave.
Ventura, CA 93009-1940

Lynn Rodriguez
WCVC Project Manager
County Executive Office
(805) 654-2455
E-Mail: Lynn.Rodriguez@ventura.org

Mailing Address:
800 S. Victoria Ave.
Ventura, CA 93009-1940