Resources for Sustainable Groundwater Management Planning


Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and related requirements:

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations

Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations Guide

DWR Bulletin 118 - Updates on critical conditions of overdraft, basin boundaries, basin priority

SGMA Stakeholder Engagement Requirements

Key Provisions for Water Budgets and Groundwater Models in Groundwater Sustainability Plan Regulations

Case Law and Relevant Policies to Inform Thresholds for Each Undesirable Result


SGMA Guidance - portals and other information:

Department of Water Resources, SGMA portal

State Water Resources Control Board, SGMA website

Department of Water Resources, Sustainable Groundwater Management website

Department of Water Resources, Groundwater Sustainability Agency website

Department of Water Resources, Groundwater Sustainability Program Technical Assistance - Data, Tools, and Reports Fact Sheet

Guidance Document for Groundwater Sustainability Plan - Stakeholder Communication and Engagement

Groundwater Sustainability Plan - Best Management Practices

Department of Water Resources Facilitation services

Department of Water Resources Best Management Practices

Water Education Foundation, SGMA Handbook


Resources for in-person groundwater sustainability planning training:

Small group exercise: Choosing a minimum threshold

Small group exercise: Understanding water budgets

Example questions to ask a technical expert or consultant


Supporting materials:

Groundwater Technical Assistance Tool

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The Big Water Supply Shift in California

Drought and climate change are depleting California's traditional water supplies from snowmelt-fed reservoirs, rivers, and streams. The state must now plan for a different water future.

Measuring What Matters

Recommendations to measure and manage a sustainable groundwater supply in California.

Collaborating for Success

Stakeholder participation in collaborative management of groundwater supply.

Know Your Options: A Guide to Forming Groundwater Sustainability Agencies

To Consolidate or Coordinate: Status of the Formation of Groundwater Sustainability Agencies in CA

Extended Glossary

Water Budget Glossary


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