Below are a list of helpful internet resources with additional information about integrated regional water management planning.

CA State Seal State Links

Federal Seal Federal Links

Link California Coastal Conservancy

Link California Water Plan Update 2013

Link Department of Water Resources

Link Regional Water Quality Control Board

Link Southern California Association of Governments

Link State Water Resources Control Board

Link Watershed Management

Link Natural Resources Conservation Service

Link Environmental Protection Agency

Link U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Link U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Link U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Link U.S. Forest Service - Los Padres National Forest


VC Map Local Agencies


Link Agricultural Commissioner

Link Association of Water Agencies of Ventura County

Link Calleguas Creek Watershed

Link Calleguas Municipal Water District

Link Camrosa Water District

Link Casitas Municipal Water District

Link City of Camarillo

Link City of San Buenaventura

Link City of Oxnard's PWD - Water Section

Link County of Ventura - Watershed Protection District

Link Farm Bureau Website

Link U.C. Cooperative Extension

Link United Water Conservation District

Link Ventura River Watershed Council


Agencies in Upper Santa Clara Watershed (LA County)

Link Castaic Lake Water Agency

Link Newhall County Water District

Link Valencia Water Company

Link City of Santa Clarita

Link LA County Sanitation Districts

Link Upper Santa Clara River IRWMP Info


Small bird Environmental Organization Links

Link The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Link Ventura Hillsides Conservancy

Link Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project

Link The Nature Conservancy

Link The Trust for Public Land



Small bird Other Helpful Sites

Link Association of California Water Agencies

Link Los Angeles IRWM Plan

Link Local Government Commission

Link Local Government Commission: Water Resources Page

Link Matilija Dam Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study

Link North Coast IRWM

Link Santa Barbara County Water Resources Division

Link San Diego IRWM Plan

Link San Diego Water Authority

Link San Luis Obispo County

Water Use Efficiency Links