The primary objectives of the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County are to:

Ventura River

Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) is a local, regional approach to managing water and related resources that was established with the passage of a series of voter-approved water bonds: Proposition 50 (2002), Proposition 84 (2006) and Proposition 1 (2014). This approach integrates on a regional level the many facets of water resources management, such as water supply, water quality, flood management, ecosystem health, and recreation through enhanced collaboration across geographic and political boundaries and diverse stakeholder groups. Development of IRWM Plans and implementation of projects have helped local entities across California reduce their dependence on imported water by enhancing local water supply reliability.
Forty-nine IRWM “regions” have been formed across California to develop plans that identify water management challenges, resolve conflicts over the best use of resources, bridge gaps in data, find common ground, and seek innovative solutions among stakeholders. The Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County (WCVC) IRWM Region, which encompasses the majority of Ventura County, was formed to serve as the region responsible for IRWM planning and implementation. The WCVC Region has been very successful in bringing diverse interests together to manage water resources on a regional level.
A primary motivator for formation of these regions has been the availability of substantial grant funding which leverages local funds for project implementation. The grant funds have helped our area enhance the availability of clean water supplies for the benefit of people and the environment, to protect communities from flood damage, and provide access to water-related recreation opportunities.


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