• Westlake Reservoir Construction
  • Construction of Piru Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Fillmore Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Moorpark Pumping Station Motors
  • Salinity Management Pipeline - Hueneme Outfall
  • Salinity Management Pipeline Construction
  • Tapo Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade - Simi Valley
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Since adoption of the 2006 IRWM Plan, progress has been made toward accomplishing the Plan’s goals and objectives through implementation of a variety of projects and programs throughout the watersheds in the Region.

Since 2008 the WCVC Region has received more than $81 million in Implementation Grants for a total of 37 projects. Some of these projects are now complete while others are underway. Please see a map and list of all these projects.

In addition to those projects funded with Prop. 50 and Prop. 84 IRWM grant funding, many other projects and programs have been implemented in the Region which further the goals and objectives of the IRWM Plan. Please see the list of projects and programs implemented in Ventura County since 2007.

For a list of all the Proposition 50 and 84 planning and implementation grant funded projects, see this list.

Map of funded projects
Funding Summary

Prop 84 Projects

Prop 50 Projects