Proposition 50 Grant Application - Step 2 (WCVC)

Proposition 50 Implementation Grant Proposal, Step 2 Front Cover
FAAST - Application preview & Submission
Attachment 1: Authorization and Eligibility Requirements
Attachment 1: Board Minutes
Attachment 2: Consistency with Minimum IRWM Plan Standards
Attachment 3: Adopted IRWM Plan and Proof of Formal Adoption
Attachment 3: IRWMP Preparation ScheduleAttachment 3: IRWMP Preparation Schedule
Attachment 4: Consistency with IRWM Plan Standards
Attachment 5: Work Plan
Attachment 6: Budget
Attachment 7: Schedule
Attachment 8: Scientific and Technical Merit
Attachment 9: Monitoring, Assessment, and Performance Measures
Attachment 9: Project Assessment and Evaluation Plan
Attachment 9: Quality Assurance Project Plan
Attachment 10: Economic Analysis – Water Supply and Water Quality Benefits
Attachment 11: Other Expected Benefits
Attachment 12: Program Preferences
Attachment 13: Statewide Priorities
Attachment 14: Changes from Step 1 to Step 2
Attachment 14: Map1
Attachment 15: Modification of River or Stream Channel
Attachment 16: CALFED ROD Consistency
Attachment 17: Letters of Support or Opposition

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