Prop 84 IRWM Implementation Grant – Round 2

Prop 84 Project Map

Project Title Project Proponent Project Description Total Grant Funding
North Pleasant Valley Groundwater Desalter City of Camarillo A reverse osmosis groundwater desalter facility to remove salts accumulated in the north Pleasant Valley Groundwater Basin. The facility will produce potable water for delivery to City of Camarillo residents and businesses. $ 4.91 M
Moorpark Recycled Water Project - Phase IV County Water Works District No. 1 Expansion of the existing Moorpark Recycled Water System through construction of approximately 13,500 linear feet of recycled water pipeline and a booster pump station. The pipeline will be constructed from an existing recycled water reservoir to Rustic Canyon Golf Course and facilitate the delivery of 800 AFY recycled water. $ 1.96 M
West Simi Valley Water Recycling Project City of Simi Valley Construction to extend the existing West Simi Valley Water Recycling Project to serve up to 45 additional large irrigation and other non-potable water customers. The Project would improve regional water supply reliability by offsetting water imports up to 600 AFY. $ 2.95 M
Invasive Plant Control, Ecosystem Restoration and Watershed Protection UC Santa Barbara An arundo (Arundo donax; giant reed) control and habitat restoration program in the Santa Clara River floodplain between Sespe and Santa Paula creeks (7 river miles). Implementation of a strategic plan for arundo treatment and post-treatment revegetation. $ 1.96 M
South Oxnard Flood Protection and Community Enhancement Project Ventura County Watershed Protection District The project will replace approximately 2,700 of linear feet of an existing concrete channel with a three cell reinforced concrete box between Hueneme Road and Pleasant Valley Road in the J Street Drain median. $ 4.42 M
Ventura River Watershed Invasive Plant Removal and Ecosystem Restoration Project Ventura County Watershed Protection District Removal of invasive species on four parcels of land adjacent to the Ventura River between Hwy 150 and Foster Park. In addition, enhancement of recreational opportunities on the Ventura River through design and installation of a trailhead kiosk and interpretive trail signage within the Ventura River Steelhead Preserve. $ 1.47 M
Grant Agreement Administration Administration and management of the grant agreement. $0.3 M
TOTAL     $17.9 M



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