Disadvantaged Communities Involvement Program

Proposition 1, approved by the voters in 2014, includes targeted funding for Disadvantaged Community (DAC) assistance, project studies and project implementation.  One specific element of the Prop. 1 funding is the Disadvantaged Community Involvement Grant Program.  These funds will be allocated on a Funding Area basis (we are part of the LA-Ventura Funding Area) and require NO matching funds.  These funds and are intended to support the following objectives (Source: DWR Request for Proposals for DAC Involvement):

  1. Work collaboratively to involve DACs, community-based organizations, and stakeholders in IRWM Planning efforts to ensure balanced access and opportunity for participation in the IRWM planning process
  2. Increase the understanding, and where necessary, identify the water management needs of DACs on a Funding Area basis
  3. Develop strategies and long-term solutions that appropriately address the identified DAC water management needs

For more information see the Department of Water Resources’ Proposition 1 Disadvantaged Community Involvement (DACIP) Funding website – which includes a link to Request for Proposals (RFP)

For a map of DACs in California, see the Department of Water Resources’ Disadvantaged Community Mapping Tool:

http://www.water.ca.gov/irwm/grants/resources_dac.cfm.  You can just type in Ventura County in the search box and then click on the various filters and layers to see which areas are identified as disadvantaged, using recent Census data.

We are currently working with our neighboring IRWM Regions (Upper Santa Clara River and Greater Los Angeles) in the Funding Area to identify how we will work together to conduct eligible activities; there is a total of $ 9.8 million allocated to our Funding Area, with no set formula for distribution of the funding among the IRWM Regions.  Eligible activities include: technical assistance, needs assessments (required), project development activities, site assessment, IRWM engagement, governance structure, community outreach, education, facilitation and enhancement of DAC aspects of IRWM Plan.

This is a great opportunity for us to address unmet water quality and water supply needs in our lower income communities and to better integrate these needs with other regional efforts.  In addition to the DAC Involvement Funding, Proposition 1 also includes funding for DAC implementation projects.  Once we have conducted activities as part of the DAC Involvement funding program, we’ll be in a better position to identify which DAC projects to put forward for the next round of IRWM Implementation Grants (likely released in early 2018) as well as for other grant programs.

Local Approach to DAC Involvement Funding Program
In the WCVC Region we have a number of areas qualifying as DACs and in fact we have completed or initiated several water quality and water supply projects benefiting DAC areas in the County.  We have formed a WCVC DAC Committee in to involve stakeholders (community members, non-governmental entities, water suppliers, wastewater agencies) in the process of identifying water supply, water quality and related needs in DAC areas throughout our Region.  We need to understand these needs in order to determine which eligible activities we would like to be funded under the DACIP grant.

Coordination with other IRWM Regions in the LA-Ventura Funding Area
There are three IRWM Regions in our Funding Area:  Greater Los Angeles County (GLAC), Upper Santa Clara River (USCR) and WCVC.  We have formed a new committee comprised of two representatives from each of these three regions to guide and inform the DAICP grant process.  These meetings will be regularly as we prepare a proposal for the grant, and throughout the three year grant period.

For more information about the DACIP grant program in our Funding Area, you can visit:  http://dpw.lacounty.gov/wmd/irwmp/Prop1DACIP.aspx.  On that site you will find the agendas and meeting summaries for the DACIP Committee.

Prop 1 DACI Grant Program - Final RFP 2016

LA-Ventura Funding Area DACI Grant Proposal 2017

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